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I am a 70s child and yes, my parents were hippies. I went to a Rudolph Steiner School and then at the age of 13, I decided I needed to broaden my horizons and moved to Selwyn College.

Despite my name, I do not consider myself to be a hippie. However, I love animals and being in nature is very important to me.
I must live near the bush or the ocean to feel happy and be at peace. I love doing the city things to so I live in west Auckland but run my practice in Grey Lynn.


I made a career change to natural medicine quite late in life.
From leaving School I had always worked in hospitality, yes I know!
The complete opposite to what I’m doing now.

I knew I couldn’t be a booze slinging bar tender forever, I needed a challenge and I wanted to do something that would make a difference in this world.
The reason I chose naturopathy is because I was brought up with it, due to my father being a naturopath.
I watched him help so many people with their health issues and I became frustrated seeing so many other people struggling, when they only followed allopathic medicine.


At the age of 40 I graduated from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine.
It was the hardest, yet most important thing I have ever done. My background in hospitality has actually worked in my favour. It gave me the confidence to be able to talk to anyone and it has given me a realistic view of human nature.


I have had my own fair share of health issues over the years, which all came to a head in the middle of studying for my degree. 
I had gut issues, chronic fatigue, brain fog, PMS, thrush and arthritis.
The stress of working full time and studying part time took its toll on my health.
With my training, I could identify that I had chronic candida and leaky gut.
My health journey was a very important learning experience and has put me in a better position to be able to help my clients. Today I am well and now know what it really feels like to be healthy.



Bachelor of Natural Medicine

Here are the papers I have completed to earn this degree:

Principles and Philosophy of Natural Medicine

Anatomy and Physiology 1

Anatomy and Physiology 2

Therapeutic Massage

Foundations of Research

Herbal Medicine

Cultivation and Manufacturing

Biochemistry of Foods

Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy

Rongoa Maori Healing Concepts

Pathophysiology 1

Pathophysiology 2

Nutrition 1

Nutrition 2

Therapeutics 1

Therapeutics 2

Mind and Body

Differential Diagnosis and Physical Examination

Managing a Professional Practice


Clinical Practice 1

Clinical Practice 2

Clinical Practice 3

Clinical Practice 4

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