Initial consultation in clinic:   90 minutes $120.

Follow up consultation in clinic: 45 minutes $65.


Mobile consulting to home or work within Auckland:

Initial consultation: 90 minutes $150.

Follow up consultation: 45 minutes $75.

Therapeutic massage or pregnancy massage in clinic:

60 minutes $75.

90 minutes $110.


Mobile to home or work within Auckland:

60 minutes $100.

90 minutes $150.

Personalized Herbal Tonic

200ml bottle for 2 weeks $60-

500ml bottle for 5 weeks $140-

What happens in an initial consultation:

There is nothing to fear about this consultation because we will simply sit in a chair, drink some tea and talk.

Firstly, you will tell me about the health issues that you have been experiencing,

then I will ask you a series of questions about your health, starting from when you were born.
I will ask you what medications and or supplements you may be taking.

I will ask you about your lifestyle, mental health and diet.

Then I will work through the body systems and ask you various questions,

so I can identify if they are functioning correctly.

Sorry but we will have to discuss your digestive system and talk about toilet habits,

this is vitally important to your health.

At the end of the consultation I will look at your tongue, your eyes and take your vital signs,

this is where I take a reading of your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and breathing.

I will then go and put together your wellness plan,

which is presented to you at your follow up consultation.

I may recommend specific pathology testing be done, so I can get a clearer picture into specific areas of your health.